Skin Care/Makeup Consultation

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What is my “skin type”? How do you choose a foundation colour? Do I tone after I cleanse? Do I even need a toner? Where do you apply eyeliner? What do you mean by “highlight”? …the questions can be endless, but the answers don’t have to be!

My “classes” are short & sweet, fun & informative, and utilize all the latest and greatest in SAFER, yet HIGH PERFORMING products! Classes can be done online or in person!

Includes 45 minute consultation in-person or using ZOOM.


Education Event

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Learn facts about the current state of the personal care industry and how to read ingredient labels on personal care products, cosmetics, and cleaning products in a group of 2-20 people.

Business Coaching Calls

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If you are a safer beauty educator and are looking to build a business with Beautycounter, book a 20 minute call with Trisha.

Share Basket

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I’d like you to meet the Better Beauty Basket… she’s a bundle of beautiful, safer products, waiting for an overnight date with you!

This basket gives you an opportunity to try our products as they would arrive at your door…
full-sized, beautifully packaged, and ready for you to fall in love with!

I will drop her off, you can pamper yourself for two nights, and I look forward to hearing about your favourites when I pick her back up!

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