Get Involved

  • Are you interested in trying safer, high performing products?
  • Would you like to enjoy these products at a deeper discount?
  • Perhaps you’d like to find out what it’s like to build a business while simultaneously having significant social impact?

Here’s HOW:


The most exciting way to join Beautycounter is to become a Consultant. Consultants are independent contractors who are passionate about the social mission and committed to building a business with Beautycounter by actively offering the products and/or business opportunity with those in their network and to new contacts. Fill out this form to learn more.


A Host is a person who invites friends and acquaintances to his or her home, or another convenient location, to a Pop-up where they can learn about the social mission, products and Consultant opportunity. A “host” has the opportunity to share the products they love with the people they love. To learn more about hosting, click here.


Members are our most loyal customers who are part of our membership program, Band of Beauty, which offers exclusive promotions and benefits. If you are a CLIENT who is passionate about our social mission and love the products, I invite you to join our movement as a Member. Read about the Band of Beauty Member Program to learn more.


Clients are customers who purchase Beautycounter products at full retail price. Shop as a customer by clicking here. If you’d like to trial a basket of full-size products, click here.

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