Style My Life

I’ve never been known for my strong fashion sense <insert fashion savvy younger sister here> without her sense of style (and my ability to send her selfies of my outfits through instant messenger!) I’d be at a loss! So needless to say, when The Zoe Report and the “Box of Style” entered my life…I jumped at the opportunity! This beautiful box of goodies arrived and I couldn’t wait to dive in!

Cue the water fight!!! I had to make the kids busy so I could fully indulge in this goodie box! They were occupied with water balloons and the sprinkler (thank you Costco and your “Bunch O Balloons“) just long enough for me to catch a quick glimpse! These balloons fill in seconds and provide the most incredible entertainment for 3 kids under 5! Added bonus: they are BIODEGRADABLE!!

Time to dive in! Over $400USD worth of gorgeous, beautifully made, stylish pieces, for only $115USD this box is FULL of style!

I couldn’t wait to throw these “RAEN – Durante” sunglasses on…I’ve been in search of “tortoise shell” sunnies for this season and these are PERFECT! A unique and flattering shape, I’ll be able to wear them with my casual playground attire and also dress them up  for date night! Retail Value: $120USD

Box of Style Sunglasses

My second, most anticipated item, the “HELENA QUINN – Kimono“…STUNNING…I am a HUGE fan of multipurpose items and this beauty is precisely what I’m talking about. Casual with blue jeans and a white T shirt, super chic over a swim suit, or sheer elegance over evening attire; this timeless piece will hold a place in my closet for years to come! Retail Value $120USD

SOLE SOCIETY – Straw Panama Hat“: As if this couldn’t get any cuter! I’m told by my fashionista sister and City Momma Style “Work Wife” that “pom pom’s are IN”! I’m not one to shy away from testing out the latest trend, so I’ll be sporting this beauty for the rest of the summer. The RN skin consultant in me is a HUGE proponent of covering that gorgeous face and part line with a hat and this one is PERFECT for the job! Retail Value: $27USD

Box of Style hat

The most pleasant surprise that I overlooked when signing up for the Box of Style is this gorgeous necklace from “THE BRAVE COLLECTION – compass necklace“. This simple, elegant piece is HANDMADE by fair trade artisans in Cambodia and 10% of the profits are donated toward the fight against human trafficking. Supporting companies who have a greater mission at heart is what I love and will continue to do…Retail Value: $115USD

Box of Style necklace

Last, but certainly  not least, the main product that peaked my interest as I was eager to get it on Canadian soil: “BEAUTYCOUNTER – Protect Stick Sunscreen“! Soon to be available in Canada, this little beauty fits easily in your purse, pocket, diaper bag, etc. and goes on smooth and breathable. Finding an effective sunscreen that is both safe AND high performing is one of the greatest challenges out there (as far as this momma of three is concerned!) and Beautycounter has done a most incredible job once again!

The Color Pinch Cream Blusher in Hibiscus was an added bonus and is another MULTIPURPOSE item that I cannot get enough of! A little dab to the apples of the cheeks and lips and you are set to go with long-lasting, stunning colour!

If you have yet to dive into the mission of safer beauty with Beautycounter, please join my private group where you can become EDUCATED on the skin care and cosmetic industry, advocate for safer beauty laws, and discover that products can be safe AND high performing! Retail Value: Color Pinch $37USD Protect Stick Sunscreen $18USD

Box of Style beautycounter

To say I’m impressed would be an extreme understatement…I am BLOWN AWAY with the value, quality, and thought put into this little “Box of Style”. Thank you to THE ZOE REPORT for this gorgeous treat! If you would like to get one for yourself, click here! You will NOT be disappointed!

Do you have some amazing summer “style” items you’d like to tell me about? I’m all ears and open to suggestions! Comment below!

Most of all Be You…Be Your Beautiful…Enjoy the sunshine!



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